Snappa vs Canva – Which one is best for you (Pros and Cons)

You want to design graphics for your client or website, but you are not sure whether to choose Snappa or Canva? Allow us to assist with your decision.

Snappa and Canva are popular graphics designing tool that offers great features and benefits to design amazing graphics.

Snappa was founded in 2015 and Canva was founded in 2012.

Snappa is a graphics designing tool that makes it easy to create any type of online graphic. Create & publish images for social media, blogs, ads, and more!

Canva is used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.

In this article, I will compare the features and benefits of the two to help you decide which one offers better value for money.

Introduction – Snappa vs Canva

Features of Snappa:

Snappa is a must-have online graphic designing software for non-designers who publish content online. Using Snappa you can design professional images without any designing skills.

Snappa provides thousands of pre-made templates that look professional. You will get access to 5,000,000+ free high-resolution stock photos.

You can remove image backgrounds and resize images with just one click.

Top features:

  • Graphic Resize.
  • Social Media Connection.
  • Graphic Editor.
  • Visual Assets Library.
  • Templates.
  • Team Collaboration.
  • Folders & Organization.
  • Custom Fonts.

Features of Canva:

Canva is also a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.

Canva provides many pre-designed templates that look professional. You can use 75 million-plus premium stock photos.

Top features:

  • Curved Text
  • Animated Text
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Straighten Your Photos
  • Transparent Images
  • Free Stickers
  • Blur Photos
  • Photo Frame Effect
  • 1000+ free icons
  • 75 million premium stock photos

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Pricing – Snappa vs Canva

Snappa Pricing

Snappa provides three plans and the best plan for professional users is the pro plan because in the pro plan you will get unlimited downloads per month and a background remover tool.

Stock photos5,000,000+5,000,000+5,000,000+
Social media integrationsNoYesYes
Custom fontNoYesYes
Background RemoverNoYesYes
Team CollabNoNoYes

Canva Pricing

Canva also provides three plans and the best plan for professional users is the pro plan because in the pro plan you will get 75 million stock photo access and magically resize and more.

Cloud storage5GB100GBUnlimited
stock photos
075 millions75 millions
Background removerNoYesYes
Magic resizeNoYesYes
Social media integrationNoYesYes

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My opinion about Snappa vs Canva:

If you want to go with features then Snappa is best for you because Snappa provides all features and the User interface of Snappa is simple and easy.

If you want to go with a free plan then Canva is best because you can export unlimited images without a watermark. But in Snappa you can export only 3 images per month.

If you want to go with price then Canva is at less price as compared to their features.

Therefore, If you want to use it completely free then Canva is best but if you want to go with a premium then Snappa is best.

Now the choice is completely yours 🙂

Which one you choose after reading this comparison, please let me know via comment 

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25 thoughts on “Snappa vs Canva – Which one is best for you (Pros and Cons)”

  1. I found both apps useful. I am someone who is not much creative with designs. So, I use Canva and Snappa instead of Illustrator whenever I want something done quick and easy.

  2. Personally, I think that canva is the best because it suits me. But, doesn’t mean I dont recommend any other ones. It’s all our personal choice and what we are comfortable with.

  3. Well explanation about Snappa vs Canva. You are discussing the pros, cons, features, pricing on both platforms. I think Canva is best because it is suitable for me. Thanks for this article.

  4. Nice information, valuable and excellent design, as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts, Got lots of great information and inspiration, both of which I need, thanks to offering such helpful information here.

  5. It becomes very easy to select Canva or Snappa as you have illustrated various features, pricing and conclusion very nicely which are very easy to understand. Really great article.

  6. Still date, I am using canva for designing. I will try snappa for future design and then give my review for this. Anyway thanks for sharing this. Always try new things.

  7. Your blog is incredibly beneficial to those of us who found ourselves in a battle between Snappa and Canva. Your detailed information has made the choice so much simpler, providing readers with all the tools needed for success – thank you!


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