Font Changer

    What is Font Changer?

    Font Changer is a online tool that allows you to change text in various unique and cool fonts that you can use anywhere unicode characters are supported.

    You can use on facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social media post, comments

    Font Changer: Frequently asked questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about font changer online:

    What is the best feature of font changer?

    The best feature of Font changer copy and paste fonts instantly and you don't need to download anything to use font changer and you can also change font case without leaving the website.

    Is Font Changer Free?

    Yes, Font Changer is free for everyone and accessible from any device using browser.

    How to use font changer?

    Type or paste text in the above textarea ☝🏻 and click on the copy button located in the font you choose.

    Professional tips: If you want different types of text case you can change to uppercase, lowercase, spaced, reversed and more

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