How to increase Jiofi speed | Improve Jiofi speed 100% working tricks

Do you want to increase your Jiofi speed? If yes then this tutorial is especially for you because in this tutorial I will show you How to increase Jiofi speed.

Jiofi is not different from jio mobile network but jiofi speed is better than any 4G smartphone with jio sim. If jio network in your area is good and you are facing a slow internet problem with your jiofi then follow the steps given below to fix this issue.


How to increase Jiofi speed?

There are many ways to increase jiofi speed. The first way is by changing apn setting from auto to IPv4 and the second way is by changing place of your router. Always place router in open place for better speed (I recommend place jiofi in window). The third way is by not connecting more then 1 user at a time for better speed.

Visit http://jiofi.local.html/

The first step I have for you is open http://jiofi.local.html or in your browser.

Click on Login

Then second step i have for you is when you are in jiofi web admin page now you need login to change setting (If you didn’t used this before then your username and password is administrator)

Go to Setting > LTE

The third step i have for you is when you logged in to jiofi now you need to go to setting and in setting page go to LTE.

Change Default APN Setting

The fourth step I have for you is when you are on the LTE page now you need to change the default APN setting.

Here is the new default APN setting:
APN For Network Attach – Manual
APN – jionet
IPv4/IPv6 Mode – IPv4

After changing the APN setting now click on the apply button to save changes.

How to increase Jiofi speed

Restart Router

The fifth step I have for you is when you finally changed APN setting now you need to manually restart jiofi router to check changes on speed.

If you want better speed then you definitely set your APN setting to IPv4 and if you want better coverage then you can go with IPv6. I always recommend IPV4.

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Here is how to increase Jiofi speed quickly?

  1. Visit http://jiofi.local.html/
  2. Click on Login
  3. Go to Setting > LTE
  4. Change Default APN Setting
  5. Restart Router

For a better understanding in detail of these steps, I prefer you to check the above tutorial.

After applying everything that is given in this article I assure your jiofi speed definitely increase

If you have any problem with your jiofi router related to this then please ask below in the comment box.